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At Lancs and Cumbria we appreciate that members want to be kept up to date in different ways. We have moved with the times by making the website phone-friendly. We used email even from the early days. We have had a facebook presence for a few years.

Our collection of methods can be seen below.

Mail image email

Please contact the Branch Office and register your PRIVATE email address.
Some of the information we send out should not be shared with your employer. Employers have a legal right to access your business email. Members have been sacked for having information that their employer deems unsuitable.


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There is a link at the bottom of each page. This is just a 'one-liner' to tell you what is new on the website.
You can set up your email client (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) to automatically receive updates.


Facebook image Facebook

We set up a facebook closed group to encourage discussion about the Branch, CWU Head Office and anything else CWU. Our group is CWU Lancs and Cumbria. Contact the Branch Secretary or Ian Lorimer to join.


WhatsApp image WhatsApp

This is a closed group limited to L&C Branch members. Contact the Branch Secretary with your PRIVATE mobile number. We don't want you to get in trouble from your employer for misusing their tool.


Twitter image Twitter

If Donald Trump can do it, so can we. REAL News, not FAKE News.

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