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Women have special requirements within the branch. Please contact the Branch Office with any concerns.

Women of Today

Women of Today 2017

The North West Women's Committee have organised an event 26th January 2017 in Manchester. Read the FLYER along with the AGENDA to see what a great event has been organised for women in the North West.

Women's Conference 2016

Jacqui Stewart attended the Women's Conference in Leicester on 8th November 2016. Her excellent report can be downloaded by using the link.

WASPI - Women Against State Pension Inequality

LTB 004 was issued by Head Office asking for members to support a Petition to overturn the draconian measures introduced in 1995 to increase the age at which women get their state pension. The changes affected women born on or after 6th April 1951. There were a group of women born around 1953/4 that were treated exceptionally badly.

After reaching the required number in the Petition, it was debated in Parliament but it was found that due notice had been given for the changes. In other words, the Tory government were not sympathetic and no changes were to be made. The transcript of the debate can be found HERE

On 24th February, Labour forced another debate, and again the Tory government defended the position. They issued a statement "State Pension age changes were first made in 1995. All women affected have been directly contacted following the changes. There are no plans to alter State Pension age arrangements for this group.". The full transcript can be found HERE.

The Women's Conference 2015 was held on Wednesday 18th November. A report can be found here.

Smalls For All

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