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The retired members' section is run entirely for members of the branch that have retired and are no longer employed. Ian Lorimer is the Chair and Doreen Watson is the Secretary.

Events are regularly held and all members of the retired section are welcome to attend. There is a festive gathering around Christmas when retired members are invited to meet for a meal.

If you want more information, please contact Doreen.

Retired Members Website

CWU Head Office, as part of their drive to modernise, have introduced another website for Retired Members. Go to to see what is available.

Retired Members' Conference 2019

The first Proposition on the order paper for the Retired Members Conference was put forward by the Lancs & Cumbria Branch. Its wording was as follows:

Many BT pensioners having worked for the company for many years and contributed to the financial and commercial success off the company now feel totally discarded in retirement.
Many pensioners are still loyal to BT and continue to use BT for their home telephone, Broadband and BT sport paying for their services.
Our Branch retired members feel that their contribution should be recognised by BT and instructs the RMAC in conjunction with TFSE executive to negotiate with BT for free Broadband for all BT Pensioners.
Lancs and Cumbria

This was put forward well before the General Election was announced. We know that FREE BROADBAND FOR ALL is a Manifesto promise, but that is only at the end of a TEN YEAR period (2029), which may be too late for some of our Retired Members. Needless to say, it was carried unanimously. We will have to wait until the next CWU Conference in March 2020, where the proposition will be brought to the general membership. Hopefully, the Retired Members will get a small perk, similar to current employees of BT.

The other Propositions to Conference were voted on as set out below. The wording of the props can be seen on the Conference Page.

Doreen Watson, Secretary of the L&C Retired Members' Section, was elected by a vote to represent the whole of the CWU Retired Members at General Conference. Well done Doreen.

Retired Members Report May 2018

Here is the report for May 2018 which includes news of the North West CWU Retired Members Forum and Workers Memorial Day.

Retired Members Conference 2018

The Agenda Pad for the Retired Members Conference is available HERE.

Retired Members Section Report - January 2018

Printed copies of this report will/were distributed at the January 2018 Branch Meeting. To download an electronic copy please CLICK THIS LINK.

Half Yearly Meeting

The agenda for the half yearly meeting on 12th July 2017 can be found HERE. The minutes are HERE.

NW Regional Retired Members Council

The minutes of a recent meeting of the Council are available here. For more information, please contact Ian Lorimer or Doreen Watson.

Retired Members Meeting

There was a meeting of the Retired Members Section on 13th July 2016. Here are the minutes of the meeting. We have around 345 Retired Members in the Branch. If you are not currently on the mailing list, contact Doreen through the office and get involved.


The CWU has a magazine aimed at Retired Members. Called The Link it gives the latest news and information on all issues relevant to the union's retired members.

This report of a conference held in Manchester earlier this month gives an insight into how financial professionals are thinking.



On Wednesday 8th July 2015, the Retired Members Section of the newly formed Lancs & Cumbria Branch of the CWU held its bi annual Retired Members Meeting in Wetherspoons (Greyfriars) on Friargate in Preston.

The meeting was attended by 17 members and although there were no apologies as such I feel it was well supported. Thank you to those who turned out and made the meeting worthwhile.

Tony Monks opened the meeting by reporting on the topical events of the National Pensioners Convention AGM which he attended in June, which were of great interest to those members present. He also touched on the fact that the majority of unions do not represent their retired members concerns or in fact take forward issues members have to the Government.

Tony then introduced Ian Lorimer as the new Retired Members Section Chair and also introduced Doreen Watson as the Section Secretary and then handed the meeting over to Ian to proceed with the agenda. Ian introduced himself and thanked Tony for his time in office as chairman and admitted that Tony would be a hard act to follow. Ian promised to support and help the membership to the best of his ability and that he would be ensuring he was contactable to all members whenever they need the CWU's aid and assistance.

Ian handed out copies of NPC application forms for those who wished to become members of the NPC and Doreen gave a brief outline of the membership application procedure and reiterated that the fees applicable were yearly and not monthly.

Ian passed around a petition which was requesting that the House of Commons urges the Government to maintain the winter fuel allowance, free bus passes, prescriptions and free TV licences for all over 75's. (Now being operated by the BBC)

Ian also ensured every member present had copies of the April 2015 Health Briefing produced by the NPC, the July 2015 Campaign Newsletter and also a flyer headed Older People's Day, "We're an asset not a burden".

The question was asked regarding notification of the meeting and 4 members stated they had not received any mailing of this proposed meeting. AP 1 (Doreen Watson to chase up)

Ian asked if members preferred to receive notification of Section Business by e-mail or by post, Ian offered to send out a "mailing" asking the membership to show they're choice of communication for the future, and requesting members supply the e-mail addresses required. AP 2 (Ian Lorimer to instigate and complete)

The following points were raised by individuals during the "open Floor" section of the meeting and the section officers stated they would bring the matters to the next branch meeting of the Lancs & Cumbria Branch on 16th July at Enfield CC.

The difference in % increase of Union membership fees between the retired members and that of "working employees". AP 3 (Doreen Watson & Tony Monks)

The possibility of reintroducing the Xmas Shopping Coach trips that used to take place? (Rather than hire a coach through the branch, that going through a reputable coach company that already offers "xmas shopping trips" to various cities around the UK, might be more feasible. (To be made open to both working and employed members). AP 4 (Doreen Watson & Ian Lorimer)

Xmas Dinner to be held on Wednesday 12th December 2015 at Wetherspoons (Greyfriars) on Friargate, Preston, commencing at approximately 11.30 hrs.

Doreen with her exceptional organising skills had once again pulled out all the stops by organising today's meeting which I am sure was thoroughly enjoyed by the members meeting up again with old friends and reminiscing old times over a pint or two. I would like to thank Doreen on behalf of all those present for a pleasant and friendly well organised meeting.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at approximately 13.00 hrs, the date of the next meeting is on Wednesday 2nd December 2015, at Wetherspoons (Greyfriars) on Friargate, Preston, commencing at approximately 11.30 hrs.

Report by Ian Lorimer (Retired Members Section Chair)

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