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There can be times when your employer fails to notify the CWU when members have an accident or a 'Near Miss'. If you are involved in a Safety Related incident, please contact the Branch Safety Co-ordinator immediately. The number is 07968 758072. Your action NOW could save somebody's life!

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The branch has a very active interest in Health and Safety. We take the view that our members are precious. If any have an accident, then their lives can be affected along with those of their workmates and families.

Under the leadership of John Southwell, the Branch Safety Co-ordinator, we have John Allingham as Assistant Secretary (Health and Safety) and a number of Union Safety Representatives (USRs) as defined under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations. An electronic list of USRs can be downloaded from HERE

Look after yourself this winter

'Look After Yourself This Winter' Campaign

Is your family going to be happy with you if you catch a cold this winter? Will your workmates thank you for giving them a cold? Will you feel up to working to your full potential?

Advice is available from BT and the NHS to make life easier for you. Here are two posters to read and download, the first is Do you feel unwell? and the second is Have you still not had your flu jab?.

Health & Safety North, Bolton Arena Wednesday 12/10/16

Health and Safety in the North West has a high profile. The annual Health and Safety North conference was held in Bolton Arena on 12th October and was attended by John Southwell, North West BT Unions Health and Safety Co-ord Secretary.

John's report covers the two day event and includes presentations given on Sentencing Council Guidelines for health and safety offences and legal advice updates on healthy and safety law, given by several leading solicitors in their field of expertise.

You can download John's report here

Sun Smart

If you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. No problem... you can click here to download the PDF file.

Safe and Well

BT Openreach have published their January 2016 newsletter on safety. It was attached to LTB 054 and can be found HERE.

Government threat to safety reps!

One of the things that completely shows how the trade union bill is based on ideology rather than any desire to change things for the better is that the focus the Government is putting on the number of strikes we have. The right to strike is of course a basic right and is also an important last resort for unions on health and safety when all else fails. It is also at one of the lowest levels for decades.

What the Government is completely ignoring is the real problem at work, which is not the 0.8 million days lost through strike action but the 28.2 million days lost every year through injuries and injuries that are caused by work. These are all preventable, and the best way to prevent them? Having trade union health and safety representatives in the workplace. Union health and safety representation halves the number of serious injuries. It is therefore mindboggling that the Government are trying to restrict the ability of union health and safety representatives to do their work by telling employers in the public sector that they must cut back on the time that representatives are given to undertake inspections, meet with employers, and help protect everyone in the workplace (whether they are a union member or not).

The TUC has produced a simple "infographic" that illustrates the government approach. It comes in various forms for use in social media or simply print off and put on a notice board. It highlights the number of days lost, taken from HSE statistics, the number of days lost through strike action from the Government's ONS, and finally the effect that unions have in the workplace in reducing serious injuries, which you can find in the TUC report "The union effect".

Please circulate them as widely as possible. You can print off the poster and put it up in your workplace, send out the twitter version, and post the Facebook one. Also go to to find out more about why you should be concerned and of course - what you can do about it.

Changes to Driving & Road Safety Laws in 2015 - Are You Aware of Them?

Vehicle safety affects us all. Find out what changes have been made by reading LTB 573.

Van & LGV Drivers reminded to wear seatbelts at all times and don't risk lives or your licence

Do you 'Clunk, Click every trip? If not you are breaking the law. Read LTB 579.

Workers Memorial Day

Over the past few years Workers Memorial Day has been commemorated. Ian Lorimer reports on the ceremony in Blackburn in 2015.

15LTB368 Damage to Health and Safety during the 2010 - 2015 period of Conservative/Liberal Democrat Government

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