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When is an agreement not an agreemen? It would appear that the answer is that BT Management thinks it is just advice. Perhaps along the lines of trips to Durham? Read the Bulletin (download from HERE) and keep safe.

Reporting of abuse stemming from 5G/COVID-19 conspiracy theory

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Abuse is not acceptable. The idiots that claim the new 5G masts are linked to Covid19 are abusing engineers. They will not stop if they can get away with it. Report them and stop them abusing you and your colleagues. Read the Bulletin (download from HERE) and keep safe.

Openreach Annual Leave and COVID-19

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Good news about Annual Leave. The limits of when you can take it and the duration have been changed. Read the Bulletin (download from HERE) and keep your mental health under control. Remember, holidays are time away from your workplace.

Stay Safe App – Application Change and Upgrade

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Technology is good when it is used correctly. However, safeguards need to be in place to stop abuse. Read the Bulletin (download from HERE) and keep safe.

Safety concerns escalate as Covid 19 5G mobile mast conspiracy theory rumbles on

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Our members are being attacked both physically and verbally. There is a conspiracy theory that 5G mobile masts are to blame for the Corona Virus outbreak. Read the Bulletin (download from HERE) and keep yourself safe from these lunatics.

Enabling our contact centre colleagues to work from home

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A message from the boss, Marc, about working from home. Click the Banner above or this sentence to download his message.
Just a thought, as this is a new way to work, perhaps when the pandemic has gone away it may be continued to the benefit of our members. Let the Branch Office know your thoughts.

CWU win for BT members living with Covid 19 ‘extremely vulnerable’

As many members were unable to download some of the information from the Bulletin issued yesterday (20th April), a new Bulletin has been issued. It can be downloaded by clicking the Banner below.
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Welcome Progress on Homeworking

Consumer Division are urged to read a Bulletin sent out from CWU Head Office today (20th April)

CWU win for BT members living with Covid 19 ‘extremely vulnerable’

BT Members This message to all BT Members announces improvements to the care of their family members who are 'extremely vulnerable'. This important document can be downloaded by clicking HERE. The agreement document can be downloaded from HERE.


We have been alerted to scams that are appearing daily fuelled by the Corona Virus Pandemic. One of these relates to PENSIONS.
Although the attached LTB205 is aimed at our Postal colleagues, the message is pertinent to everyone. There are two attachments to the letter HERE and HERE which add to the main message.
Your pension is your future. Don't be tricked into parting with your pension!

PPE and Social Distancing – CWU Online Support

The link is
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The link is


Openreach and Covid 19


Dear Colleague
Since the outbreak of Covid 19 the CWU has been doing all it can, both nationally and locally, to ensure that you are kept as safe as possible during this public health emergency. Things are developing very quickly.

Social Distancing and Hygiene Rules
Social distancing in line with Government, Public Health England and the HSE guidelines is not optional. In addition, the Welsh Government has now set out additional definitions relating to how this should be applied in the workplace, these include;
· Minimising the level of interaction
· Physical barriers
· Improved hygiene and reminders about the importance of hygiene.
· Washing hands well for 20 seconds with soap after close contact.
· Ensuring those with symptoms are not present on the premises.

As a result of the above changes Openreach has now issued further guidance setting out how social distancing should apply, what additional processes have been put in place and clear instructions relating to individual risk assessments. Some longer duration works, such as re-shelling of a damaged cabinet, will require additional supervision to aid the consistent application of hygiene standards. The CWU will be discussing with the company how this additional supervision will be applied.
Field members in FND, Northern Ireland and the Chief Engineers organisation (excluding civils) will receive contact from their line manager and be asked to confirm receipt of the new guidelines. Further discussions with Service Delivery and the Civils organisation are planned and further bulletins will be issued.
All these rules apply equally to Openreach’s 3rd party suppliers and any breaches of the appropriate protocols must be reported to Openreach and your local CWU Branch immediately in order to ensure your safety and that of others.
The CWU’s position remains clear that if following an individual risk assessment either prior to or during any work taking place you believe social distancing or hygiene rules cannot be applied then you must;
· Immediately stop work
· Make the site safe
· Inform your manager
The CWU will always support you in putting your safety first and will not tolerate pressure being placed on any member to continue working in these circumstances. If the appropriate hygiene materials are not available do not proceed.
Contact the CWU
The Union remains here to keep you safe and assist you through this difficult time. If you have any concerns or need assistance please contact your local rep or Branch. If you don’t know which Branch you are in you can find out via

We are here to help. Keep safe.
From Davie Bowman
Assistant Secretary

IMPORTANT-Covid 19 safety practices in contact centres

The following has been received from Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretary Telecoms & Financial Services:

Dear Colleague
We hope this email finds you and your loved ones well at this difficult time.
Many of you are still at work maintaining essential services to people all across the UK, that are delivered through contact centres. Keeping you safe while you are doing this is of the utmost importance to us
We are receiving varying and worrying reports from all areas of the contact centre sector industry that in some cases appear to contravene government guidelines on safety in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic.
One of the ways we can try to solve this problem is to collect hard data on the issues. We have been in touch with our colleague Professor Philip Taylor (Professor of Work and Employment Relations at the University of Strathclyde) who has done extensive research into contact centre working practices over the years.
Professor Taylor has constructed a vital survey which is designed to gather evidence of those workplaces which are handling Covid-19 safety properly and those that are not.
We ask at this time that you, please, complete this survey by clicking on the link provided.
Completing this survey could help save lives. Please share this link with your contact centre colleagues whether they are a CWU member or not. All information is valuable and no personal information will be shared.
Many thanks and please stay safe.

Andy Kerr
Deputy General Secretary Telecoms & Financial Services


Covid-19 Q and A

Q and A
This is a Questions and Answers service from CWU Head Office. Please check regularly as it will be updated when new information is available.

Covid for Consumer

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This Bulletin is aimed at BT Consumer Members. Issued 3 April 2020

Accident Reporting

There can be times when your employer fails to notify the CWU when members have an accident or a 'Near Miss'. If you are involved in a Safety Related incident, please contact the Branch Safety Co-ordinator immediately. The number is 07968 758072. Your action NOW could save somebody's life!

Our Hours

The latest information about Our Hours (PTT) in BT. Click/Tap the image below to see more.
Updated 23 December 2019
Our Hours Logo

Policy change for vehicle speed restrictions

This year a change was made to the company policy on vehicle speed restrictions which introduced a 60 mph speed limiter on our car derived vehicles. At that time, you told us your concerns about this specific change, and since then we've been working with BT Fleet, the other lines of business, BT Group and the CWU to review the policy.
A whole range of safety, environment, service and people factors, have been taken into account during the review and as a result we're going to introduce some changes. Our car derived vehicles - the Corsa's and Fiesta's - will be returned to the previous 70 mph limit.
We'll need to make adjustments to the vehicles and this will be done by BT Fleet. We're agreeing the timescales and a programme of work to do this, so as soon as we have more details we'll let you know how it's going to be managed.
The restriction on vehicles greater than 500kg (i.e. the Doblo transit type) will remain as they are restricted to 60mph by law to all but motorways already, although we'll be monitoring any issues via the commercial vehicle forum channel.
I wanted to tell you this news as soon as the decision was made, as I know it's a topic many of you feel strongly about. I have to admit, after driving a Corsa hire car during a site visit this year I experienced the speed challenge first-hand, and found it a particular issue when driving on the motorway, so I do understand your concerns.
It's important to note that we recognise that as a driver you will always have the scope and opportunity to be able to drive in a safe and fuel efficient way where possible, and by making this change we're giving that responsibility back to you.
I hope you agree that we've listened and acted on your feedback to make this change, it goes without saying that I expect everyone in EES to drive with care and attention at all times.
Please drive safely.

Mark BW


Smalls For All


Wow! That was close.

If you've just had a Near Miss then get it reported. Next time, you may not be so lucky. Or a workmate may suffer just because of your inaction. Download a FLYER and hang it in your van or office.


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